As Master X Master is preparing, they are introducing their Masters every few weeks. Here are the first four.

First 4 characters for new MOBA Master X Master revealed

As Master X Master is preparing, they are introducing their Masters every few weeks. Here are the first four.
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While Overwatch may still be on top of everyone’s list of games to play, Master X Master, a new MOBA, is still working hard to get players excited about it. To do so, they have been giving updates that show off new heroes and some details about them every few weeks. The latest reveal brings the total count to four announced heroes so far. So let’s take a look at them.

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Taejin is a mid range fighter who uses his MX7 rifle to mow down his enemies. As a former soldier of the Second Reclaimer Fleet, he excels in team fights and has access to a barrage of explosive skills. His passives are tied closely to his basic attacks, increasing his stamina for every successful hit and stunning his enemy on the final hit if his weapon happens to overheat. His defensive ability throws him into a diving roll to dodge attacks, while being immune to movement-impairing abilities.

His skills deal AOE damage, while providing additional effects like knockdowns with his Concussion Blast, a burning field with his Proximity Grenade, and slowing down his enemies with his ultimate Bombard. He can also buff his allies with Inspiring Presence (which offers increases in movement speed and weapon damage), while securing long range kills with his Explosive Barrage.


Up next is the melee assassin Sizuka, and as an assassin she’s at her strongest in a 1v1 fight. Her weapons Blood and Oil allow her to cause bleed affects on her enemies, killing them off faster, while actually defeating an enemy Master resets the cool down for all her skills. Her defensive ability Swift Step dashes her forward — almost quickly as teleportation — dodging skills and attacks.

She can hide from enemies with Cloak, or dash at the enemy’s back with Snap Strike to stun them. Her Caltrops slow enemies, while causing additional bleeding — and Rending Blades increase her damage and cause more bleeding, making her a great assassin. Her Thousand Cuts causes her to attack an area with quick movements and strike with precision. While it can be used on a group of enemies, her ultimate is best used against a single opponent where Thousand Cuts will focus all its attacks to one target.



This is Cagnazzo, the first of the heavy berserkers. His Weapon, the Karith’s Fist, is an AOE chain weapon dealing massive damage. His passive, Fever Pitch, increases Rage with all damage given and received, and provides additional effects to the next skill used when full. His defensive skill, Charge, rushes him forward while making him immune to crowd control. 

He can pull his enemies in with Ripline, or jump into the fray with Savage Leap. As a powerful warrior, he can Terrorize his enemies with a battle cry, causing them to run away uncontrollably. With Crushing Swing, he can deal massive damage, while his ultimate Barbaric Frenzy turns him into an even more savage warrior with increased range, weapon damage, and defense.


Lastly, Demenos is the Amaari nobel who wields the powers of lightning. He is a support mage who uses his Lightning Mastery to damage enemies and heal allies, while his passive Recharge recovers his mana when he heals an ally. His defensive skill, Lightning Rush, allows Demenos to move a short distance and shock any enemies he rushes through.

Paralyzing Bolt damages his opponents while shocking his enemies in a circle, while Rolling Thunder shoots out a cone of energy that damanges and silences his enemies. His support skill, Shock Therapy, tethers Demenos and an ally together, granting increase in movement speed and health/mana regeneration.

He can also create a Ball Lightning that can block projectiles and release AOE bursts of energy, but it also lets him chain his basic attack and Shock Therapy so he can function at his best even when alone. Finally, his ultimate, Stasis Storm, creates a lightning storm that slows enemies and negate projectiles while exploding with a burst of damage at the end.

More heroes are being released every so often. You can find more about the game at PlayMXM or read about it here on at the Master X Master page.

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