First Battlefield 4 Community Mission: Collect 10,000,000 Dog Tags

The first DICE Community Mission tasks you with gathering up a LOT of dog tags.

Hope you’ve got some time on your hands.

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As revealed over at the developer’s website, gamers can now participate in the first DICE Community Mission in Battlefield 4. The goal? Players must collectively gather 10,000,000 dog tags using only melee attacks. The deadline is February 11 at 8 a.m. PDT, so you had best get cracking!

The mission is available across all platforms, so you’ve got no excuse to avoid it. If the community completes this lofty goal in time, all participating players will receive a special gold battlepack on February 20. If you’re wondering, you can always track the mission progress on Battlelog via the “Missions” tab.

This is part of the BF4 “Appreciation Month” as revealed by EA last month. There’s also the Double XP weekend and other bonuses. As you might expect, this is an attempt to make up for all the online issues the game has experienced since launch. Most of those problems have finally been ironed out, but players really weren’t happy for a while there.

Do you forgive DICE and EA?

Clearly, stuff like this is just one big apology from the developer and publisher. The question is: do you forgive them? Many fans say the BF4 multiplayer issues really weren’t excusable and in fact, rendered the game unplayable out of the gate. Well, at least they’re trying to make good, right? That should count for something.

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