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First Diablo 4 Patch Review Discusses Upcoming Barbarian and Sorcerer Changes

An overview of patch 1.1.1 showcases various class changes along with quality of life updates.

The first-ever review discussion prior to patch notes dropping for Diablo 4 has ended. The livestream featured a new guest, Lead Class Designer for D4, Adam Jackson, explaining a variety of updates hitting all five classes when the patch goes live on August 8. Wanting to give more time for player feedback, the patch notes will drop on August 2, leaving room for conversations about the changes to continue before it releases. Here are the main points.

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Diablo 4 Livestream 1.1.1 Patch Notes Overview

Barbarian and Sorcerer buffs were the stars of the show, but that’s not all coming in the next update. All classes are planned to receive a tweak.

  • Sorcerer’s Greater Chain Lightning now bounces from all targets, not just yourself, dealing 5% increased damage for each bounce.
  • Sorcerer’s Serpentine Aspect has an increased duration as well as being able to have an additional Hydra active.
  • Barbarian’s early game Fury generation increased across the board.
  • Barbarian’s Gushing Wounds Passive Bleed damage when an enemy is Overpowered increased up to 70%.
  • Rogue’s Poison Trap damage increased to .12 per tick.
  • Druid’s Spirit generation increased across the board.
  • Necromancer’s Aspect of Empower Reaper changed to: “Damaging enemies with Sever has a 10-20% chance to pawn a pool of Blight under the target that deals 20-60% bonus damage. This effect can only happen once every 3 seconds.

General Updates

  • Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides having increased mob density.
  • Respec cost reduction by 40%.
  • Addition of a 4th stash tab for the cost of 400,000 gold.
  • Increased Elixir stacking.
  • Leaving a Dungeon timer reverted to 3 seconds.
  • Boss health buff in World Tier 3 and 4.
  • Treasure Goblin has a guaranteed legendary drop when killed starting at level 15.
  • Level 35 guarantees legendary drops from completing a legion event, defeating bosses.

For a full recap of the stream, check out Diablo 4’s VOD on Twitch. It has slides of all the class changes, as well as the conversations around those changes. Stay tuned for the full patch notes on August 2 here on GameSkinny. If you need help with builds, Strongholds, or certain quests, check out our full D4 guide hub.

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