First Ender’s Game Film Clip is Released

The first Ender's Game clip has finally been released.

The first Ender's Game clip has finally been released.

Orson Scott Card’s famous novel, Ender’s Game, is at last getting a film adaptation. Fans of the novel (which was originally published twenty-eight years ago) will be happy to know that the first clip from the upcoming film has been officially released.

The clip features Colonel Graff (portrayed by Harrison Ford) speaking with Ender Wiggins (Asa Butterfield). Ender is considered to be an especially bright and talented student at Battle School. As such, Colonel Graff decides to appoint Ender the head of his own army in the school. This army is Dragon Army.

Ender’s Game fans have been waiting a long time for this movie. So far, trailers have been mainly focusing on action scenes. This slower-paced scene is the first stand-alone clip to be officially released.

The film will debut in the United Kingdom and Ireland on October 25. The United States and Canada will have to wait November 1.

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