First Images of Alien: Isolation Leaked, Possible Trailer During VGX

For better or for worse, looks like we're in for another Aliens game

For better or for worse, looks like we're in for another Aliens game

Sega filed a trademark for a new game back in late October, the title of the game was Alien: Isolation. The trademark wasn’t met with much fan fare, considering Sega and Gearbox had just released the train wreck of the year– Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Some images of the game were just leaked on Twitter, and seem to confirm what little information we knew about the game at the time of the trademark. The protagonist of the game is Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda Ripley. While never having made an appearance in the movies, the character of Amanda is mentioned in Aliens as having died while Ellen was in suspended animation. 

As the title of the game implies by dropping the “s”, it draws most of its inspiration from the original Alien movie. The game is rumored to feature only one of the Xenomorph aliens, which Amanda must avoid through most of the game while combating soldiers and clones. 

The developers on Isolation are said to be British studio Creative Assembly, known for the Total War series of games. The game is an alleged first person shooter that draws on elements from Dishonored and Bioshock. It was also rumored that Sega was to debut the game at the last E3, but pulled the game after Colonial Marines left the taste of a turd sandwich in our mouths. 

This could mean Isolation is near completion already and perhaps one of the world debut trailers to appear at Spike TV’s VGX awards in just a few hours. 

UPDATE- It also turns out Spike was just accidentally streaming their VGX rehearsals and revealed that we will be seeing Telltale’s new Game of Thrones title, which is on the books and not the television show. Another accidental reveal was No Man’s Sky, a new title from the developer of the Joe Danger games.

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