See what the moment-to-moment action looks like in the upcoming pirate adventure game for iOS devices.

First official gameplay video for indie mobile game, Booty Hunters

See what the moment-to-moment action looks like in the upcoming pirate adventure game for iOS devices.
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Disclaimer: The author is the Lead Writer on Booty Hunters for Volite Games.

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Indie Developer Volite Games has published the first official gameplay video for their debut game, Booty Hunters, showcasing a select number of core abilities that players can expect to use on their adventures. You can check out the video below.

The abilities that are revealed in the video are as follows:

Hellfire: Hellfire fires a quick barrage of cannons in a cone shape, covering a wide area. This is very useful for damaging multiple ships and is a go-to ability for its high damage output.

Firing Line: Your ship squares up and fires a carefully timed volley of cannon fire in a straight line.  The area effect is relatively narrow, so this is one of the first abilities that will be available to the player.

Flame Cannonball: As it’s name suggests, this ability lets the player launch a single cannonball, causing an enemy ship to catch fire, creating chaos on the deck, and slowing down the vessel temporarily. This is very useful for gaining an edge in rate of fire or, if you find yourself in trouble, it makes escaping combat much easier.

Rain of Cannons: One of the the most powerful abilities at your disposal, Rain of Cannons is as awesomely potent as it sounds. Covering a wide area, players can literally rain pain upon their foes by dragging their finger over top of the enemy, unleashing a hailstorm of cannonballs from the sky, causing massive damage.

In Booty Hunters, players will control a powerful pirate vessel, and take to the high seas to gain fame and fortune. The demo only offers a taste of the experience that players can expect from the game as there will be a wide variety of quests to tackle, ships to unlock, regions to explore, dangerous and quirky enemies to defeat and a compelling story campaign that will take players on a quest for immortality.

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