The trailer is reportedly from early last year and shows off what we can (maybe) expect Godfall to look and play like.

First Trailer for PS5 Launch Title Godfall Might Have Leaked

The trailer is reportedly from early last year and shows off what we can (maybe) expect Godfall to look and play like.

We know Godfall is going to be one of the PlayStation 5’s launch titles this holiday season. And now, we might have gotten something of a first-look at Counterplay Games and Gearbox’s looter-slasher title.

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An anonymous poster on Reddit posted a short clip of an alleged internal trailer from early last year. They then popped back on a few hours later, posted the full trailer, and deleted their account.

The trailer shows off a game that looks like it has a good bit of Dark Souls in its, which — if this trailer is indicative of the final product — seems much slower and more deliberate than some games of its ilk, like Darksiders.

However, it’s been a year since this trailer was reportedly produced, and there’s no telling what might have changed since then. There’s also no telling at this point how long Godfall has been in development.

While the trailer might not look too graphically impressive, it could either be completely different now or just have been too far along in development to make use of some of the PS5’s hardware capabilities. The trailer does bear resemblance to images we’ve seen in the past. 

Though new next-gen games are obviously exciting, it seems Sony is taking steps to emphasize older games and backwards compatibility even more as well. Whatever the next console generation may bring, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PS5 and Xbox Series X news.

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