Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm

The second part of the four-part Flame and Frost living story goes live on February 26, 2013.

Arenanet has announced the second part of its Flame and Frost living story in Guild Wars 2.  This second part, called The Gathering Storm, will be going live on the game’s servers on this coming February 26, 2013, and it’s bringing some new features with it.

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First of all is the extension of the two-team PvP tournament format that has been so successful over the duration of Flame and Frost: Prelude.  This format will proceed beyond the original one-week duration it was announced for, and will feature a new map each week.

Speaking of PvP, The Gathering Storm will see a new PvP map being made playable.  Spirit Watch, as the map is called, will involve three shrines and the ability to score extra points for your team by bringing the Orb of Ascension to one of the map’s three shrines, adding a sort of capture-the-flag mechanic to the game.

For PvE, The Gathering Storm will see Guild Missions implemented, allowing you to team up with all your friends at once to accomplish certain tasks.  It will also see the implementation of their selectable achievement system, letting players pick and choose which daily quests they want to complete.

The Living Story continues in Guild Wars 2.  Watch closely, major events are beginning to come to Tyria.

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