Focus Interactive Releases Styx: Master of Shadows Teaser

Focus Interactive release new Styx: Master of Shadows teaser.

Focus Interactive release new Styx: Master of Shadows teaser.

Focus Interactive  released a new teaser trailer for Styx: Master of Shadows. The game is in development by French developer Cyanide Studios, who recently released self-published title Dogs of War Online.

The game focuses on Goblin thief Styx; however this is not the first title to feature him. Back in October of 2012, Cyanide released an Action RPG title named Of Orcs and Men. In the game, you played as both Arkail (an elite Orc warrior from the Bloodjaw Clan) and Styx, who is to be Arkail’s guide as he tries to infiltrate the human realm.

In Of Orcs and Men, the game allowed you to switch seamlessly between to two main characters. Arkail was the powerhouse in combat, while Styx was more of a rogue and best used for sneak attacks. The game itself was highly underrated in my opinion and was certainly a diamond in the rough.

Little information is available about Styx: Master of Shadows, however we do know that the game will be a stealth game. The game is a standalone tale of the character Styx and not a continuation of the Of Orcs and Men storyline. The developers took to their blog to say:

In Styx: Master of Shadows, you will play a goblin: fragile, but resourceful thanks to his agility, his assassin skills and his magical powers. Your goal will be to steal the heart of the world-Tree, an infinite source of power: amber. But things are not as easy as they seem…”

The developers also went on to say that Styx will not be an easy game and will provide quite the challenge. I for one am very happy to see this character re-emerge from the shadows, as I think two of Of Orcs and Men’s strongest features were its characters and world setting.

No release date is available yet and we can assume that Cyanide are still very early in development. It’s certainly one I’m keen to keep an eye on.

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