For the Neverwinter fans, the wait is over! Launch date and expansion information revealed!

June 20th, that is the date of the launch!

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios have announced that after a successful open Beta test, Neverwinter will launch on June 20th.  For those that have  tested the game, this is some exciting news, and for those who have not played yet, it is time to check it out!

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The game is a free to play MMORPG, with similarities to Dungeons and Dragons.  Craig Zinkievich, Cryptic Studios Executive Producer and COO, says,

“The feedback from players has been incredible. With their help during our Beta Test periods and our accumulated experience from having launched five MMOs, we’re confident we’ve worked out all the major kinks and can sustain the world of Neverwinter without the Beta safety net. I personally thank our Open Beta players for providing an enormous amount of valuable feedback and supporting us during every single step of the development process. As a token of that appreciation, we’re running an in-game promotional event near the end of Open Beta. Of course, alongside the launch day comes the release of Gauntlgrym, which adds more end-game content. And, we just announced Fury of the Feywild, ourfirst content expansion for Neverwinter, which will all be, in classic D&D® fashion, Modules. Yeah, there is a lot going on. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. The game is doing great and we love working on it.

We have been thrilled with the work that Cryptic Studios and Perfect World have done on Neverwinter, and the tremendous response from the fans,” said Nathan Stewart , Brand Director for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast. “This is one of the Forgotten Realms’ most iconic cities and we are excited for the millions of fans that will create their own stories in Neverwinter.”

There are some very interesting classes that players can choose from including; Guardian Fighter, Devoted Cleric, Trickster Rogue, and the Control Wizard.  The classes alone are enough to get some people at least interested in the game.  As one can see by the above video, the graphics are stunning.  The game Neverwinter is set to hit a home run in the MMORP market.  Yes all the little things that MMO players enjoy like crafting, economy, world travel, adventure and a slew of races are included in this game.

The platform is set, and on June 20th, the adventure will begin!


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