Former BioShock Developers Touch the Area of Surreal Narratives in New KickStarter

Developers from Irrational Games are now working on their own Indie Company and Creating their own game with the help of KickStarter.
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Back in February 2014, Irrational Games, the creators of the BioShock and BioShock: Infinite games, announced that the company was closing down. This article by Fathoms lists the reasons behind this closure as well as discusses the future for the company head, Ken Levine. 

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Though, as you might have read from the article above, not all the developement team went onboard with Levine’s entrepreneurial endeavour. Many developers were left without work, but that doesn’t mean that gaming talent fell to the wayside. While some of them started doing freelance work, others decided it was time to start on their own company. 

Day For Night, formed by a group of 12 former Irrational Games employees, and a few others who had their own special talents to offer, are working on their own project that has existed since they left Irrational. 

The Team that brought you surreal events and dystopian environments hasn’t lost its touch for strange games

Their current project is The Black Glove, which is now a KickStarter initiative. It can best be described as a surreal trip into the world of a theatre on the verge of falling apart, and not just financially.

The theatre, dubbed The Equinox, is the center of the world where you must deal with three acts that aren’t pulling in much money to keep the business afloat. 

It May Sound Normal on the Surface, but Here’s where it gets complicated

Financial troubles aren’t the only concerns you have to deal with, as the three acts, or Creators, fail, so does The Equinox’s reality. “Time flows backward in areas. Weird things peek out of once-sealed doorways. Unearthly music plays.” Says Day For Night’s KickStarter page. 

The world will be yours to fix, by going into past and changing events in the Creator’s lives to improve their work in the present. This can change the artist who painted a bundle of flowers into a macabre scene of darkness. There are many events that can happen, which offers up plenty of re-playability options.

You also must work through retro game events, like the Maze of the Space Minotaur. Events like that are considered games of skill that you need to play to reach the “4th dimension” and help restore the Equinox to its prime.

Day For Night started the KickStarter on the 6th of October, and it is running through November 7th. The goal is end is  $550,000 and is now at $73,769 when writing the article. With some lofty stretch goals with rewards ranging from a free copy of the game to a limited edition art book. They are even offering lunch with the developement team at PAX East but it’s a pretty steep fee ($5000) and it doesn’t pay for travel or hotel expenses.

For a list of more rewards for backing and a more in-depth description of the game, check out the KickStarter page here. Expected to release (if fully funded) in late 2015 for PC/MAC/Linux and some other platforms if they reach high development quotas. Best to keep your eye on this warped reality title. 

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