Fortnite has launched the v.24.10 patch and Spring Breakout quests. Find all of the updates and features here.

Fortnite v24.10 Patch Notes: All Updates and Features

Fortnite has launched the v.24.10 patch and Spring Breakout quests. Find all of the updates and features here.

Fortnite is in full bloom and ready for spring with the v.24.10 Patch. From the cheerful new cherry blossoms across the map to spring chickens hopping across the battlefield, the update brings exciting new features

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Starting March 29, 2023 at 9 a.m. EST, Spring Breakout Quests begin with new quests added daily at 9 a.m. EST until the event concludes on April 11, 2023, at 12 a.m. EST. The quest rewards consist of XP and unique locker items including:

  • Day 1 Quest Reward: Bloomback Sack Back Bling
  • Day 7 Quest Reward: Shell Smash Spray
  • Day 9 Quest Reward: The Works Loading Screen
  • Day 12 Quest Reward: A Spring Breakout Banner Icon

Other achievements include:

  • Completion of 12 Spring Breakout Quests: Nannerbloom Hammer Pickaxe
  • Completion of 22 Spring Breakout Quests: Fresh Flyer Glider

Image via Epic Games 

The island has new purple and green chickens roaming around that lay eggs that offer temporary benefits unique to the color of the egg:

  • Green Eggs: Offer a heal, restoring health, and shield slowly over time.
  • Blue Eggs: Provide a low gravity effect and a health bonus
  • Golden Eggs: Cannot be consumed, the eggs offer gold Bars.

In a nod to the chicken and egg theme, a familiar weapon from the Fortnite vault has been resurrected in Spring spirit — the Egg Launcher. Egg Launchers can be discovered on the ground, in chests, supply drops, or purchased from various NPCs. You can also receive one from the Springtime Blowout Reality Augment. 

V.24.10 Reality Augments:

  • Rail Warrior: You can regenerate health and partial shield by riding grind railers or ziplines. Not applicable if you’re in the storm.
  • Go For Broke: Grants a Charge Shotgun and Flintknock Pistol.
  • Aquatic Warrior: You can move faster and regenerate health and partial shield while swimming. Not applicable if you’re in the storm.
  • Game Time: Grants a Pizza Party and Chug Splashes. 

V.24.10 Specialist Characters:

There are four types of Specialist characters ready for hire in the new update, each offering unique perks:

  • Scout Specialist: Scouts are an expert with the Sniper rifle, taking aim at enemies from afar. They can also ping nearby enemies and chests. 
  • Heavy Specialist: Heavies bring the powder keg to the party with explosives in their inventory. They have a higher resistance to damage than other specialists. 
  • Supply Specialist: Supplies do what their namesake suggests and provide you with ammo and mats for you to pick up. They will not drop mats in Zero Build mode.
  • Medical Specialist: These specialists are your combat medic, offering heals and Chug Splashes to restore your Health and Shield.

User Experience Updates:

  • The Collections tab is now titled the “Characters” tab, and you can navigate to it by opening the map in a match. It will display the locations of all characters, discovered and undiscovered. After the discovery of a character, you can view their services and the Bars cost.
  • Building Sensitivity and Editing Sensitivity settings have been added to Fortnite’s “Mouse and Keyboard” settings menu. You will now be able to adjust the speed of building or editing structures. 
  • The Character Cluck will have Spring Breakout-specific items, and you can locate Cluck in the Characters tab.

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Improved the handling turn radius of the Rogue Bike vehicle at high speeds.
  • Energy usage on Xbox and Playstation consoles is being rebalanced. When you are in the Lobby, the frame rate will drop to 30 FPS after a period of inactivity. The FPS will return to 60 when returning or joining a match.

Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 2 Super Level Styles:

  • Bonus styles for the season are available to players who progress past level 100. The new update brings unique Super Level Styles as bonus rewards, starting after level 125.
    • The rewards include Kinetic Rush, Neon Citrus, and the Mega Wave styles for the Thunder, Imani, Renzo the Destroyer, Mizuki, and Highwire Outfits.

Image via Epic Games

Competitive Notes

  • The Spring Breakout Chickens, Eggs, Egg Launcher, and Springtime Blowout Reality Augment are not active in Competitive playlists.
  • Zero Build Cups, Duos Cash Cups, and Victory Cups being this week. 

Major Build Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where players were asked to install Save the World after already installing it.
  • Fixed the issue with the Kinetic Blade’s Knockback Slash that stopped the owner from taking fall damage. (Note: The Dash Attack will still prevent fall damage.)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing FPS on mobile devices from progressing past 60 FPS, even when 90 FPS was available. 
  • The grind rail interaction button no longer has a delay on mobile devices.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the ziplines in Party Royale to be disabled. Ziplines have been re-enabled in Party Royale.

Well, that’s it for the Fortnite v24.10 patch notes and the release of Spring Breakout. Stay tuned for Fortnite‘s exciting future updates. 

Feature image via Epic Games.

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