PUBG's rival has made their new Battle Royale Mode free for everyone!

Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode is Currently Free to Play

PUBG's rival has made their new Battle Royale Mode free for everyone!
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Epic Games’ co-op sandbox survival game, Fortnite, has just made its Battle Royale mode free for all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

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The game mode recently sparked controversy because of its similarities to Bluehole’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Battle Royale Mode sees 100 players dropped onto an island in a battle to the death, using only the weapons provided and their building skills. The mode is similar to PUBG‘s battle royale mode, but it also involves the game’s building mechanic. 

Also launched with this free update is Fornite‘s squad play and two new weapons — the Scoped Assault Rifle and the Tactical Submachine Gun. Squad play allows you to group up in duos or four-person squads, with duos set to come after “there are enough players to support matchmaking”.

If you want to check out the newest game type on PS4 or Xbox One, just head to either console’s digital store. You can access the free game on Fortnite‘s store page even if you haven’t paid for the full early access version. If you’re on PC or Mac, head to Fortnite‘s website to sign-up and download the game.

To get a head start, check out our guide on How to Survive in Battle Royale Mode!

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