Four Men Caught Smuggling $100,000 Worth of Cocaine in an Original Xbox

4 men caught attempting to smuggle 1100 grams of cocaine inside an original Xbox console.

4 men caught attempting to smuggle 1100 grams of cocaine inside an original Xbox console.

The original Xbox: known for jumpstarting Microsoft’s journey into console gaming, granting us gamers several illustrious franchises, and smuggling narcotics.

No, that is not a typo; it appears that the original Xbox is still good for something: drug trafficking. 4 men in Reading, Pennsylvania were arrested last weekend for allegedly using an original Xbox to smuggle over $100,000 worth of cocaine, which was hidden inside the bulky system.

The original Xbox is just about as enormous as the Xbox One, which means it not only takes up valuable closet space, but its cavernous insides can be utilized to hide a decent-sized chunk of something.

In this instance, it was 1100 grams of cocaine.

On Wednesday October 8th, officials with Homeland Security Investigations and U.S. Customs and the Border Protection Office of Philadelphia contacted the Berks County Drug Task Force about several kilos of cocaine being smuggled from the Dominican Republic to various addresses in Berks County.

Officials observed a suspect receive a box labeled “Video Game Xbox 360 Use,” then pursued him as he dropped it off in the trunk of a car. They followed the car to a home, where they found the drugs, the Xbox console, many other disassembled consoles, various console parts, counter-surveillance cameras, ammo and a loaded gun magazine, over fourteen cellphones, and various items related to cocaine cutting and packaging.

The four suspects were processed and arraigned at the Berks County Sheriff’s Department Central Processing Center Saturday.

Let’s just hope one of these cocaine-filled systems doesn’t end up in the used section of your local GameStop or video game outlet!

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