Free Guildwars 2 gems!

Free gems for Guildwars 2!

Free gems for Guildwars 2!

As Guild Wars 2 players are aware, gems are the cash shop currency that you can use to purchase items of all types in the game. You can also exchange gems for gold to use in regular game transactions. However, did you know that you could get free gems? The Guild Wars 2 twitter tweeted the following out moments ago.


. will be giving out free gems during weekend! Here’s some info on how you can get them: ^AM

It looks like the majority of the free currency will be given away during the MLG weekend event, to people who are physically there. Those who cannot make it to the MLG Anaheim event also have ways to win by answering trivia questions from @MLGSireph’s twitter.

Outside the MLG Anaheim event, MLGSireph will have $30 worth of gems to give out a week. Subscribe to their channel and comment on their videos for chances to win. Good luck guys get lots of free gems!

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