The Nintendo Switch multiplayer game has received a free update with all new content.

Free Super Bomberman R Update Includes New Characters, Stages, and Team Battle Mode

The Nintendo Switch multiplayer game has received a free update with all new content.

Super Bomberman R, the first game in the Bomberman franchise in 7 years — and the first to be seen on store selves in 9 years — has received a free update which includes previously announced new characters, new stages, new accessories, and a team battle mode.

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The three new characters are based on Konami’s other well-known series, each with their own unique special abilities. The first new character is the Simon Belmont bomber, based on the Castlevania character. This bomber can drag bombs and characters towards him from a distance. Then there’s the Pyramid Bomber, based on the Silent Hill character Pyramid Head. Pyramid Bomber can instantaneously defeat enemies as soon as he makes contact with them. The last of the three new characters is the Vic Viper Bomber, based on the ship from Gradius. The Vic Viper Bomber can maneuver around stages at “super-fast” speeds.

The new team battle mode now allows players to join together and play on teams online against others. Battles can consist of three or four different teams playing against each other, and the winner will be the last squad standing. There is also an option to have one team play against four others.

In addition to the new characters and modes, four new stages have been added. The four stages are Plain Floor, Desert Floor, Panic Factory, and Classic Conveyor Belt. There are also new accessories in the Snowflake and Item series.

Super Bomberman R is available on the Nintendo Switch physically or through the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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