Free-to-Play Forza Street Skids onto iOS and Android

The mobile Forza spinoff brings with it a number of events and an ongoing narrative campaign, plus special offers for early adopters.

Forza Street, a new free-to-play Forza mobile game, is available for download now on Android and iOS devices. The mobile racer is a fast-paced, narrative-driven experience with plenty of events and rewards in store.

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Races in Forza Street last a minute or less, so you can jump in and out almost anytime. That’s quite handy because you’ll be using these races to unlock new cars and parts to improve your existing cars.

Outside the main races, Forza Street offers a number of events, including weekly Spotlight Events plus Themed Events, and a narrative campaign “based in a street racing world with interesting characters, mystery, and intrigue.” The story unfolds through taking part in these events, and they’re another way to expand your car collection as well.

Forza Street also has Rivals events every week, where you compete asynchronously with others using your best cars.

Anyone playing Forza Street between now and June 5 automatically gets a 2017 Ford GT and a batch of in-game credits. It’s called the Forza Street Founders Pack, but there’s no extra requirement other than playing during launch month.

Microsoft has a couple of special bonuses for players using specific phones too. If you play on a Samsung device, you’ll get a 2015 Ford Mustang GT and Galaxy-themed paint, while those playing on the Galaxy S20 family of devices also get a 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06, in-game credits, and gold (in-game gold, of course).

Finally, if you’re playing Forza Street on Windows as well, you can sign in through Xbox Live to transfer data between versions and get Xbox Achievements on your mobile Forza Street.

So it seems like Microsoft has a lot in store for Forza following last year’s LEGO x Forza collaboration. Since Forza is a first-party Microsoft franchise, though, we, unfortunately, won’t find out what Microsoft has in store for Forza’s future this Thursday. That’ll happen later.

The original story is on the Xbox Wire. We’ll be keeping our ears to the road for more, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Forza news as it races our way.

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