Freedom Wars: The World Of Panopticon

Subjected to a million-year sentence, can you defeat enough monsters to reduce it to freedom?

Subjected to a million-year sentence, can you defeat enough monsters to reduce it to freedom?

Last year, SCE Japan Studio announced Freedom Wars, an action role-playing game–exclusively for the PS Vita. The game is scheduled to release in Japan on June 26, but no date has been made for North America or Europe.

The game will feature both online and offline multiplayer functionality.  There will also be co-operative and competitive modes that will allow up to eight players.

In the year 102014, earth is devastated by atmospheric pollution and running low on its resources. Mankind is forced to live in purposed-built facilities called Panopticons. By using the Panopticons, city-states from across the world fight each other in order to take control over whats left in the world.

The story begins with the main character waking up in a cell with no recollection of who or where he is. He is then confronted by an android, also referred as an “Accessory,” who tells him he was subjected to a million-year sentence.

The protagonist is then told that in order to reduce his sentence, he must fight massive mechanical monsters called Abductors, who roam the earth and abduct civilians. The Accessory will help fight along side the player, among with other players, to stop the Abductors from taking anymore civilians.

Players will be able to choose from a variety of weapons like swords, rifles and machine guns. Each player is also equipped with a whip-like weapon called the Thorn, that is wrapped around the player’s arm.

The Thorn can be use to hook on to enemies or walls, tie down Abductors, traveling quickly from place-to-place, retrieving accessories and more. Players will be able to equip two weapons simultaneously, while their Accessories can only equip one.

Freedom Wars will also feature customization, allowing players to customize their load-outs and the protagonist itself. No news on if the player can customize the Accessory, however, it’s a possibility.

A playable demo was also announced to be available at E3 this year. For more information on Freedom Wars, check out Playstation’s blog.

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