Friday the 13th multiplayer game launches Kickstarter

Jason Vorhees is back as Friday the 13th 1-versus-7 multiplayer game launches on Kickstarter!

Jason Vorhees is back as Friday the 13th 1-versus-7 multiplayer game launches on Kickstarter!

It’s a horror fan’s dream come true! Camp Crystal Lake is back in the form of a 1-v-7 online multiplayer game. One player gets to control the horror icon Jason Vorhees, while the others take on the roles of seven camp counselors attempting to stay alive. 

It’s developer Gun Media’s goal to bring back the “golden era of slashers”, and this definitely looks like a step in the right direction! The Kickstarter page promises tons of gratuitous gore, as Jason can use a variety of methods to murder the counselers, including umm… “smashing their face into a tree”. Interesting method coming from a guy who rolls around with an axe, but I’m not one to judge!

The game features a “movie trailer” system that plays at the end of every match, serving as a cinematic take on highlight reels. I’m certain people will find ways to make these trailers pretty hilarious, especially if we’re encouraged to use that tree-method I mentioned before!

Fans of the original film will be very pleased to know that the mastermind behind the franchise itself, Sean S. Cunningham, will be playing a vital role in the game’s development. And it looks like Kane Hodder, one of the actors to portray Jason Vorhees, is going to be helping out as a stunt coordinator. In addition, as an audio designer myself, I am BEYOND pumped to see that Harry Manfredini (the original film’s composer) will be back to work on the game!

Friday the 13th’s Kickstarter is filled to the brim with sweet stretch goals as well, ranging from art packets to getting your name immortalized as one of Jason’s victims on a tombstone. It’s definitely worth your time to give the Kickstarter page a look!

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