Fully Evolved Starters and MORE Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Starters, Rivals, and Alolan Forms, OH MY!

Starters, Rivals, and Alolan Forms, OH MY!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are fast approaching, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from releasing more information about the 7th generation of Pokemon games.

While the entire Alolan pokedex was leaked several days ago, we now have confirmation on the names, appearances, types, and ability’s  of the starter Pokemon’s final evolutions. 

The final evolution of Rowlet, shown above, is Decidueye, the Arrow Quill Pokemon. It is a grass/ghost type with the ability Overgrow, and it is also packing an exclusive move, Spirit Shackle. This ghost-type move makes your opponent unable to flee the battle, or in the case of a trainer battle, switch out.

Next, we have the the final evolution of Litten, Incineroar — who is NOT a fire/fighting type, but rather, a fire/dark type. Incineroar is the Heel Pokemon, it has the ability to Blaze, and like Decidueye, it has an exclusive move.

In this case, the move is Darkest Lariat. This physical dark-type move deals damage to the opponent, ignoring any stat changes made to the enemy Pokemon.

Rounding out the final starter evolutions, we have Primarina, the Soloist Pokemon. A water/fairy type, Primarina has the ability torrent, and as you probably guessed, it has an exclusive move.

This water-type move is known as Sparkling Aria. This attack heals the burns of any target it hits.

 In addition to the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon, several other Pokemon were revealed as well. As many expected from Meowth being given an Alolan form, its evolution Persian has one as well.

It’s a dark-type with either the ability Technician or Fur Coat. Apparently, Persian is a very popular Pokemon within the Alola region.

Also revealed were three more of the Alola region’s guardian deities- Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini. All of them are part fairy-type, with the three being part psychic-type, grass-type, and water-type respectively.

Lele and Bulu’s abilities, Psychic Surge and Grassy Surge, are very similar. They both amplify the power of moves of their respective types on the ground, and they each have an extra effect as well. Psychic Surge prevents Pokemon on the ground from being hit by priority moves, while Grassy Surge slightly restores the health of Pokemon on the ground each turn, and also halves damage from the moves: Earthquake, Magnitude, and Bulldoze. 

Tapu Fini’s ability, Misty Surge, is a bit more unique. It halves the damage taken by Pokemon on the ground from dragon-type moves. It also prevents them from being afflicted with status conditions or confusion.

All of the guardian deities are capable of using the special Z-move, Guardian of Alola. Using this move causes an enormous avatar to rise of the ground, and deal damage to the opponent equal to 75% of their remaining HP.

The last Pokemon revealed was a psychic-type called Cosmog. The Nebula Pokemon was named by the Aether Foundation, and it is very rare. It also has the ability Unaware.

We’ve also learned that there is currently no Pokemon League in Alola, but one may be under construction. We don’t have the details on this yet, but the possibility is there for a very unique end game.

Perhaps the most exciting news from this announcement for long time Pokemon fans was the reveal of the Battle Tree. Here, incredibly powerful trainers, most of whom have completed the Island Challenge, face off.

And among the trainers battling at the Battle Tree are Red and Green (Blue outside of Japan) from the original Pokemon games! But it gets better. In addition to the presence of these two legends, we’ve also learned that Champion Cynthia, as well as Wally, will also be fighting it out in the Battle Tree.

Which starter will you be choosing? What do you think of the Alolan guardian deities? And are you hyped to be seeing some of the best characters in Pokemon history? Let me know in the comments!

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