Galak-Z PC release date and Arcade Mode announced

Galak-Z is coming to PC and it's got a fresh, new mode!

Galak-Z is coming to PC and it's got a fresh, new mode!
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Looks like the PS4 roguelike arcade shooter Galak-Z is officially scheduled to crash land on the PC! On October 29th, players will be able to blast some anime-inspired space mechs from the comfort of their own keyboard and mouse. And it’s a whole lot less frustrating than its PS4 counterpart, too!

17-Bit announced that the PC version adds an Arcade Mode into the mix, in the hopes of removing a lot of aggravation gamers felt when they would die and have to restart an entire 5-level set in the original mode. Instead, the PC version allows for you to start over from the mission you recently died in.

But this is the cool part, and one of the many reasons I love roguelike games so much. Regardless of whether you died on that one level and had to restart, you’re still going to be fighting enemies coming from different places every time. The scrap you get to customize and repair your ship doesn’t get saved in the middle of the run, so you’re allowed to make different choices at the beginning of each attempt, completely allowing you to change up your approach and think strategically. 

The PC edition of Galak-Z will be going for $20 on Steam on October 29th.

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