A new study by UK insurance provider Marmalade shows that gamers make the safest young drivers.

Gamers are the Best Young Drivers in the UK

A new study by UK insurance provider Marmalade shows that gamers make the safest young drivers.
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Apparently all those laps in Forza may have paid off after all!

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Car insurance company Marmalade has released the results of a study that suggests gamers are some of the safest young drivers in the UK — counter to general public opinion. The study, aimed at learning how different hobbies may affect the driving habits of young adults, involved analyzing the driving behavior and favorite hobbies of customers.

Using telematics data to identify safe or reckless driving habits (as many insurance companies now do), Marmalade was able to establish that gamers were some of the best drivers, often achieving above-average safety scores of over 90%.

This is interesting, as it directly contradicts a widely held notion that gamers are less safe. (Seriously — in real life we don’t drive like we do in GTA!) The commissioned YouGov survey revealed that, of the participants who thought a hobby could signify levels of driving safety, 52% viewed gaming as fostering reckless driving. Compared to hobbies such as watching TV, listening to music or reading, gaming was by far considered the most indicative of recklessness behind the wheel.

Whilst being a gamer is obviously far from the only factor in driving safety, similar studies from the University of Rochester in the USA have shown that activities such as driving can be improved through the heightened situational awareness and reaction time that video games develop in players.

Marmalade is a leading UK car insurance provider for young and learner drivers, helping drivers to stay safe on the road with affordable products. With 1 in 5 young British drivers involved in accidents within six months of passing their test, the study could help Marmalade to tailor their products to help keep more young drivers safe on the roads.

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