Gamescon Reveals: Twitch and PlayStation 4 Team Up

Now you can show your friends what you got with Twitch and PlayStation 4!

Now you can show your friends what you got with Twitch and PlayStation 4!
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On Tuesday during Gameson, Sony announced that it will partner with Twitch—the world’s largest video game broadcasting site dedicated to connecting people to games, according to Tech Crunch. 

The popularity of e-sports and of gamers streaming live has become pretty high. Previously only available for PC, Twitch will now be available to stream or to watch feeds on PlayStation 4. They already previously hooked up with Microsoft to do the same on Xbox One. This means a whole new level not only for Twitch, but for gamers as well. 

Sharing your gameplay will now be simple and only a click away. This might mean that just as well-known e-sport games like League of Legends or Dota 2 have long been a staple for Twitch game feeds,  sitting along side them will now be well-known console games such as Call of Duty. It could also mean that people who aren’t even interested in e-sports could start streaming live.

According to Tech Crunch: 

“In the case of the PlayStation 4, gamers will be able to press the “Share” button on their controllers, and their streaming will kick into gear on their Twitch channels.”

Reviews, tips, walk-throughs—all these things and more will be sharable on a console. You can only assume an increase of these sort of posts likely will happen, and the new feature will encourage people who might not normally give a review. 


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