GameSkinny Exclusive: Interview With Gondefire Productions

Kevin Gondek shares his vision for Gondefire Productions new game Harvest.

Gondefire Productions is a studio new to the scene of game development, but has been generating quite a buzz here at GameSkinny for their unique and awesome art style. We had a chance to talk to the founder of Gondefire Productions about the new studio and their current ambitious project, Harvest

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If you want to support the project the team is currently working on, make sure you head over to their Kickstarter to help them reach their goal. As of this writing, there is only 4 days left!



 Project Lead and Founder Kevin Gondek

Who started the company? How did it start? And what was the inspiration for taking it past the hobby stage?

My name is Kevin Gondek. I began Gondefire Productions with my friend, Jay Lanagan. We finally decided to jump into the game industry in 2012. We’re both long-time gamers and collectors. Due to easier accessibility to the market with digital distribution, we were finally able to take it past the hobby stage.

What other games have you worked on?

Castle Dracula was our first game, which was released in January 2013. It’s a short point-and-click adventure game. We raised a small amount of money on Kickstarter and delivered the game as promised. It has received positive feedback and helped us create contacts and gain experience.

How many people are on the dev team?

Right now, we have five people working on Harvest. We’re contracting a few others to help with aspects of the game which are difficult to produce ourselves without a larger studio (music, sound, etc.).

What do you think a smaller team has to offer that a bigger company doesn’t?

I believe the most important thing you’ll find in a smaller team is the level of passion for the games. We all play a big part in the development process. With larger companies, some of those personal touches may be lost.

What qualities do you look for in potential employees and are you looking for anyone at the moment?

We look for dedication, skill, and passion for the industry. Currently, our team is complete.



You mentioned Harvest. What is Harvest?

Harvest is a graphic adventure game set in a sci-fi noir setting. All of the navigation in Harvest will be done through menus. There will also be some optional shooting-style mini games throughout the game.

 Can you tell us any details about the plot/story of Harvest?

In the future, a chemical war caused 99% of the human population to become sterile. Mysteriously, the remaining 1% begins to slowly disappear. You begin playing the game as a Detroit detective who is assigned to one of the first missing person’s cases. The adventure expands from there.

Any plans to showcase any gameplay this year?

We will definitely be showcasing some gameplay down the road. We plan on beta testing in sections to get feedback from our supporters. This way, we can have a completely polished game at launch.

What is the inspiration for the game?

The biggest inspiration for the game is drawn from Blade Runner and Snatcher.

What platform is it going to be released on?

We plan on beginning our release on Win/Mac/Linux, with other platforms in the future.

When is it going to be released?

Harvest is set to be released in the first quarter of 2014.

Where can readers go to find out more about your studio?

We encourage everyone to visit to learn more about our studio. Readers can feel free to contact us with any questions in our forums.


Thank you Kevin for talking with us! We look forward to seeing Harvest and will be keeping an eye on Gondefire Productions! 

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