GameSkinny is Hiring: Associate Editor (Weekends)

Calling all dragon slayers and punctuation lovers: We're looking for a weekend editor!

Calling all dragon slayers and punctuation lovers: We're looking for a weekend editor!
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Update: Position is now filled!

Amber (Auverin) Morrow, our former editor in charge of weekend coverage, went and got herself promoted to weeknight Associate Editor here at GameSkinny. This staffing change comes as we bid farewell to Amanda Wallace, who got herself bumped up to full time at her daytime PR and Marketing job.

(Beyond rude, I know. Congrats, Amanda!)

This move will leave our weekends hopelessly deprived of editorial coverage until we tap as our newest Associate Editor in charge of weekend coverage. 

We need one brave, talented, passionate soul who loves games as much as they love the Oxford Comma to guide writers toward greatness on the weekends.

Search Deep Within Your Soul, and Ask Yourself… Are You That Editor?

The weekend editor works on (please, pretend to be surprised) the weekends editing content on GameSkinny.


This part-time, hourly, contract position is responsible for:

  • Editing articles on GameSkinny with attention to spelling, readability, grammar, accuracy, and entertainment. 
  • Increasing SEO and search quality of articles.
  • Providing helpful, informative, friendly feedback to GameSkinny writers.
  • Acting on a genuine desire to help GameSkinny grow as a community, a destination for gamers, and a great place for writers.
  • Articulating writing techniques and advice to many levels of English proficiency.
  • Providing guidance to JTP members as needed during coverage hours.
  • Writing occasional articles as needed.
  • 5-15 hours of editorial coverage spread over each weekend (Saturday and Sunday), depending on content volume.
Location – Remote or Local

Remote applicants are accepted and encouraged, but our offices are located in Atlanta, GA and we’d love to be able to look you in your eyes now and again. If you’re local, we’ll be extra-excited to hear from you and you may have opportunities to review whatever physical copies of games and hardware we get.

How to Apply

Please adhere to the following instructions

If you are a current writer on GameSkinny, include a link to your profile in your email, along with your resume.

If you have left editorial feedback on GameSkinny for another writer, please send us a link to the article(s). Second round applicants may be required to edit a sample article.

If you do not have any writing examples on GameSkinny, please include links to other published work online.

To apply, send an email – subject line “Application: Associate Editor” – with your resume attached, to: [email protected].

Posted September 30, 2015. Position is now filled.

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