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Today we see what kind of weapons Microsoft is packing for the next console war.

Today we see what kind of weapons Microsoft is packing for the next console war.
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Eager to keep tabs on today’s Xbox reveal, but can’t watch a stream? (I see you sitting at work, buddy.) Keep an eye on this page throughout the event starting at 1PM EST/10AM PDT to get live updates as Microsoft unveils the next generation of Xbox console.

The industry is abuzz with rumors of what’s coming today, and we only have a short time to find out. Will the next Xbox have backwards compatibility? Will it be more of a media hub than a game console? How will Illumiroom factor into all of this? No matter which side of the console war you’re on, it’s always exciting to see a new console and new technology at work and we’re sure to see that today!

As of right now (12PM EST), those of you waiting for the show to start can check out coverage on Spike TV or on Game Trailers Pre-Show!

For those of you not sitting behind a desk, secretly reading in anticipation, the stream can be found here!

The event has begun!

1:03 –
Don Mattrick takes the stage, “Today we put you at the center of a new generation of your living room.”

1:04 – “Today, we look forward.”

1:06 – “At its very core, it must be simple, instant, and complete.”

1:06: – “The one that makes your TV more intelligent, the one system that makes for a new generation. Ladies and gentlemen, introducting Xbox One!

1:08 – “This is it! Xbox One!”

1:08 – Yusuf Mehdi takes the stage.

1:11 – “Xbox, watch TV! And with that simple command, I’m watching TV.”

1:12 – Mehdi demonstrating instant transitions from game to television to Internet Explorer via voice commands.

1:13 – “With Snap Mode I can run multiple programs along with one another.”

1:14 – “Another amazing thing you can do on your Xbox: Skype”

1:14 – “Only on Xbox will you be able to do group video calls”

1:15 – “Xbox, watch ESPN,” demonstrating integration with Fantasy sports games live during an NBA game”

1:16 – “Can you imagine what we could do with the Super Bowl?”

1:17 – “Introducing the Xbox On Guide,” Mehdi demonstrating verbally instructing device to switch to specific channels or television shows.

1:18 – “All in one system where it all comes together.”

1:19 – “This is the beginning of truly intelligent TV.”

1:19 – Marc Whitten takes the stage.

1:20 – “USB 3.0, Wi-Fi Direct, Blu-Ray Drive, 64 bit archetecture..”

1:21 – “Three operating systems in one!”

1:21 – “There’s no waiting. You can switch to a game like a TV channel flip.”

1:22 – “We’re bringing a new Kinect sensor with the Xbox One to put you at the center of your entertainment.”

1:22 – New Kinect processes 2 gigabits of information per second.

1:23 – Demonstrating Kinect’s new tracking abilities.

1:24 – Displaying new controller.

1:24 – Smart Glass will act like it’s born to work with Xbox One.”

1:25 – “The new Xbox Live is.. based on the same membership you have today, but more powerful, more personal, and more intelligent.”

1:26 – Access your music, movies, games, and shows anytime anywhere.

1:26 – Playing games is brought to a brand new level.

1:27 – “Game developers can take advantage of [the Xbox One] datacenter for direct control… It means living in persistent worlds.”

1:28 – EA’s Andrew Wilson takes the stage.”

1:28 – “We share a common vision with Microsoft, that games should be connected..”

1:29 – EA Spirts Ignite is revealed, a sports game integration platform for the Xbox One, is being shown.

1:32 – “Sports are as much about your head, as they are about your feet or hands.”

1:32 – “We’re bringing 10 times more animation detail.”

1:33 – “Our games are now living worlds… content that impacts the game as you play.”

1:33 – Fifa 14 an Xbox One exclusive.

1:34 – EA Sports game trailer begins.

1:35 – Phil Spencer takes the stage.

1:36 – Games will be “more immersive and more personal” than ever before.

1:37 – Forza Motorsport 5 announced as Xbox One exclusive. Trailer being shown.

1:38 – Forza 5 available at launch.

1:39 – “Visuals so real you’ll see the imperfections..”

1:39 – “Remedy are world-class storytellers..”

1:39 – Quantum Break announced for the Xbox One. No mention of exclusive.

1:40 – Quantum Break trailer being shown. “Time is the fire in which we burn.”

1:41 – “There are more titles in development now than any other time in Xbox history”

1:41 – Microsoft Studios has 15 new games in the works. 8 are new franchises.

1:42 – Nancy Tellum takes the stage, “Innovation is about breaking the rules.”

1:43 – “Until now, the television experience has been a one-way experience for the viewer.”

1:43 – “Xbox is about to become the next watercooler, and this is only act one.”

1:44 – 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross takes the stage.

1:44 – “For me, Halo has always been more than a game.”

1:45 – “I’m thrilled to announce a live-action Halo television industries,” Steven Spielburg involved.

1:47 – “We’re determined to bring even more innovation.”

1:48 – Exclusive NFL content coming to Xbox One to merge the two entertainment mediums.

1:49 – Speaking on Fantasy Football live feature shown earlier.

1:50 – “We have an ambitious vision for Xbox One – to be the all in one system for the living room.”

1:51 – “I’m pleased to announce we will be launching Xbox Online around the world later this year.”

1:51 – “Incredible lineup of exclusives” to be shown at E3.

1:52 – All DLC for Call of Duty will launch exclusively on Xbox One first.

1:53 – Activision’s Eric Hirshberg takes the stage.

1:53 – Call of Duty: Ghosts has a new engine.

1:54 – Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer being shown.

1:55 – Dog squad member in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

1:57 – New, dynamic environments and character customization in Ghosts.

1:58 – Ghosts to run at 60 fps.

2:01 – Showing in-engine gameplay trailer.

2:03 – And with an abrupt ending to the event, it’s time to wait until E3!

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