Gazamo Games Debuts Public Beta

Gazamo Games debuts public beta for Minecraft mini-games server.

Gazamo Games debuts public beta for Minecraft mini-games server.

The well-known Gazamo Gaming Network has announced a Live Public Beta for their mini-games server yesterday. Remember guys, this is made by the team that brought you A’therys, the popular RPG Minecraft server that is embodied by a large passionate community. They’re well established in the Minecraft community, and have a great future ahead.

Mini-games You Say?

It’s true, Gazamo has been branching into the mini-games aspect of Minecraft, offering a variety of games including: Phaze, Sprinters Racing, Boomers, UHC (Ultra Hardcore), Industrial Games, Carnival Games (The Great Labyrinth, Grenade Spleef, etc.)War Games, Survival Games, Zombie World, and Creative Build Battles.

There are also many features within the mini-games server that give the player a better user experience such as the work-in-progress of a player profile as well as user-friendly menu options. As seen before in mini-game servers, Gazamo Games uses the item method of moving around the large lobby. For example, by using a slime ball I’m brought to a new menu that displays the games offered, and by clicking one I’m brought to that specific lobby. 

Staying Connected in Gazamo Games

Although the basis of the server is mini-games, Gazamo also offers a large forum for the participants to post comments and concerns so they can upgrade and fix any bugs that they encounter. Since this is an open-beta, player input and views are very important to making the games better and more interactive for all players. Suggestions and comments are always welcome, where you can help shape the future and outcome of the Gazamo Games mini-server. Gazamo also gives the community a teamspeak for communicating together and announcing new information for their servers.

Man these Builds are Gorgeous

You bet they are! Gazamo has their own personal private build-team that works on maps such as these, bringing vibrant colors and extremely intricate architecture for servers such as this. They’ve developed a personal resource pack for their servers that is free to download; which will change the outcome of the view. The build-team is also known for their extensive red-stone work, bringing Minecraft to life with moving and teleporting gadgets. 

What else has Gazamo done?

Gazamo was first well-known for their famous RPG server, A’therys Ascended, where you can choose a class, nation, and even own a town in a white-list application server. As they’ve been moving more into the market of servers, they’ve developed Full Effect Hosting where people can purchase Minecraft servers spanning on: Spigot, Bukkit, Hexxit, FTB (Feed The Beast), Pixelmon, Tekkit, and many more. 

Gazamo has established quite a positive reputation for themselves among the Minecraft community; offering a safe community atmosphere, server hosting, and now a mini-games server.

If you feel up for playing some mini-games with myself and many other people this summer, follow this Minecraft IP and join in on the shenanigans and have some fun. 

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