Gears of War Villain General RAAM Enters Killer Instinct

This hulking behemoth and his razor-edged knife are the latest piece of DLC content on the horizon for Season 3.

This hulking behemoth and his razor-edged knife are the latest piece of DLC content on the horizon for Season 3.

Yes COGS, Gears of War’s General RAAM has been confirmed alive, and sighted pursuing a mysterious organization known as Ultratech. While we don’t have much further information at this time, be advised we are monitoring the situation closely.

RAAM was speculated to be a guest character a long while back, and later confirmed to be headed for the Killer Instinct roster down the line. With this brief trailer from Microsoft’s E3 presentation, those whispers and hints are now a reality. While the short video clip doesn’t give away much, there are at least a few things that can be extracted:

One, he shrugs off projectiles like a champ, just like his Gears of War incarnation. Two, it looks likely that he’s bringing his knife to that pretty face of yours, command grab style.

It will be interesting to see just how many projectiles his armor can soak, because several characters — including the likes of Shadow Jago and Omen — can fire an awful lot of them. If General RAAM can walk through all of them, he could mean a significant change in Killer Instinct‘s meta when he arrives in game.

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