Get Full Disclosure About Hitman: Absolution On iTunes

Explore "Hitman: Absolution" like never before in this access-all-areas iTunes app.
Warning: Video contains mature content.
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From iTunes, you can glimpse a rare insight into video games. Square Enix has released an app which gives fans of smash-hit game Hitman: Absolution an insight like never before into the game’s production process.

Boasting over 250 images and 25 video clips across 40 sections, Hitman Absolution: Full Disclosure shares previously unseen designs, concepts, and abandoned ideas with players – like the cutscene above, scrapped due to its explicit depictions of alcoholism, self-harm, and suicidal tendencies. By opening up about the creative explorations behind the game’s development, the app is not just about giving die-hard fans something to salivate over, but about providing an insight and ongoing narrative on how the game was made, and game design processes as a whole.

One of the pieces of early concept art available on the app. Photograph: Courtesy of Square Enix.

Original director of the title, Tore Blystad, is pretty excited about the new level of access fans can have behind the scenes of the game.

“We’re coming full circle here by going back to some of the very earliest ideas and concepts that came out of our explorations and I’m really happy that we get to show this content. We made a conscious decision to dig out a wide selection of things from the data vaults and I think fans will get a real treat here.”

Hitman Absolution: Full Disclosure is available to purchase now on iTunes.

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