Get Into ‘Dark’ On June 11th And Become The Ultimate Hunter

Examiner - "Dark holds the potential to compete with AAA games."

Examiner - "Dark holds the potential to compete with AAA games."

Dark is a stealth-based action-adventure RPG where you play a newly created vampire named Eric Bane. Eric awakes in the game in a way that is fitting to its title – alone in the dark. He soon learns he has been thrown into a world that is full of blood and power, and he must use his newly acquired vampire skills if he hopes to survive it.

Many enemies lie in Eric’s way – much to their own demise. As you play Eric, you will gradually build new skills to add to his arsenal against police, other vampires, and all who threaten him. The game’s 3D cel-shaded graphics look pretty snazzy considering this genre, and make the game even more unique. Dark also incorporates dialogue choices as well so you may not have to be a total blood sucking killer as you make your way in its world. Not completely, at least.

Eric isn’t entirely alone in his undead struggles. He learns that he must find his creator in order to free himself from becoming a mindless ghoul vampire. During his journey he gets the help of a vampire nightclub owner, Rose, and her head of security.

The Xbox 360 game – created by Kalypso Media – doesn’t come out until June 11th, but a Pre-Order will nab you a digital download package:

  • Extensive strategy guide
  • Main theme song plus remix
  • Wallpaper
  • Digital poster

That sounds exciting, until you remember it says download. So it’s basically saying that the poster you would have to print yourself,  and let’s face it we don’t need Kalypso to find an image to print out. Still, the strategy guide and song might be worth it.

Although Dark isn’t being as advertised as some of the other up coming games, it’s stealth play and vampire powers might make it worth picking up.

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