Get Shadow Complex: Remastered for free on PC until the end of December

Everyone talks about how remastered editions are all about raking in more money, but what do you say when a remastered edition is free?

Back in 2009, ChAIR Entertainment blew everyone away with their 2.5D homage to Super Metroid, Shadow Complex. Going beyond a simple side-scrolling experience, Shadow Complex featured action packed shooting and creative platforming. The title garnered accolades and rave reviews as an Xbox 360 Arcade exclusive. Now, though, everyone gets to experience ChAIR’s first big title thanks to the new release of Shadow Complex: Remastered on PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One.

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As you’ve probably suspected from the title, though, ChAIR is taking a unique marketing approach to the game’s PC/Mac release. For the entire length of December, Shadow Complex: Remastered‘s DRM free, standalone PC/Mac release is available for free. You don’t need Steam, or Origin to play it, either. Just go right here, click “Download Now,” and you’ve got yourself a copy of one of last-gen’s biggest downloadable games.

This is the second time this year ChAIR has released some major free content on PC, previously giving out all their royalty-free assets for the cancelled Infinity Blade: Dungeons for use in Unreal 4. Personally speaking, I approve, and here’s hoping more developers take a note from ChAIR’s savvy marketing strategy.

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