You'll be heading into the digi-world with an eclectic bunch of friends, and Free Time Action is how you get to know them.

Get to Know Your New Digi-Pals in Latest Digimon Survive News

You'll be heading into the digi-world with an eclectic bunch of friends, and Free Time Action is how you get to know them.

Digimon Survive is set for worldwide release on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 sometime this year, and Bandai Namco just offered some juicy details about the upcoming title, which cover some of the game’s main characters and the Persona-like Free Time system. 

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First up, we have Saki Kimijuma. She’s a first-year middle school student who seems popular but actually drives most of her friends away with her unique and outspoken personality. One day, during a particularly boring summer camp — which should seem pretty familiar to fans of the classic Digimon anime — she meets up with Takuma and his friends. Together, they walk through an old shrine and end up in a completely different world.

It’s a world with kind and deadly Digimon. Saki befriends the peculiar Floramon, peculiar because it has reptilian characteristics mixed in with its Plant-type qualities. Curious though it may be, her new friend plays an important role in keeping her safe from the less pleasant denizens Saki and friends encounter in the game’s tactical RPG combat.

Outside of combat, Digimon Survive focuses on “Drama Parts,” how you spend your time with friends and interact with the world. It’s split into two systems, the “Search Action” and “Free Time Action.”

Search Action has you finding a solution to a specific crisis or problem facing your group, while Free Time Action is where you get to spend time with friends. You’ll learn about their troubles and strengthen your bonds with them, and those bonds will have important effects during battle as well.

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