Ghost Bride Morgana Skin in League of Legends

League of Legends' Morgana gets new Weeping, Corpse, Ghost Bride skin!

A few days ago, League of Legends announced the next big skin: Ghost Bride Morgana. But, if we’re honest, it totally looks like one of the terrifying Weeping Angels from Dr. Who. I’m onto you Riot Games!

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Morgana, The Fallen Angel

The high-damage crowd control mage has fallen out of popularity recently, but Morgana is still one of my favorite champions in LoL. One of the biggest features of this champ is her single target root and her Ultimate ability, which has the potential to stun a whole team. Morgana as a Weeping Angel kinda makes sense!

Besides being a generally cool skin with terrifying statue-like qualities, the Ghost Bride skin will also feature some beautifully revamped spell particle effects.

This pretty skin will be available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) server within the next few days and will be up for sale sometime next month. Unless otherwise noted, this skin will cost 975RP (approximately $7.50 USD).

While $7.50 for a character skin seem like a lot of money, remember that League of Legends is free to play except for skins. Riot Games pretty much only makes money based off of champion skin sales. Many players are excited to put down some cash for skins to support the game and get a fancy skin that not many other players have. 

I’ve probably spent about $80 on skins in the past three years of playing League of Legends. Does that seem like a lot to you? Consider that a World of Warcraft player would have spent $540 on subscription fees for an equivalent three years of play. Or, $80 = a little more than the cost of one AAA title game that might only last me a month. I happily give Riot my money because the amount of hours of enjoyment (per dollar) I get from League is off the charts!


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