Ghost of Tsushima Legends Adds Co Op Multiplayer Challenges

The Ghost of Tsushima Legends update brings multiplayer to Tsushima for the low price of nothing.

The Ghost of Tsushima Legends update brings multiplayer to Tsushima for the low price of nothing.

Not quite a month after Sucker Punch launched Ghost of Tsushima, the development team announced that a new co op multiplayer mode called Ghost of Tsushima Legends is set for launch sometime this fall as a free download. It shifts focus away from Jin to the legends told on Tsushima and introduces new challenges for teams of two and four players alike.

Players take control of one of four different legendary heroes figuring into Tsushima’s mythology, although they’re more like job classes than actual characters. There’s the Samurai of course, alongside Ronin, Assassin, and Hunter.

Two-player teams can tackle new story missions requiring “careful synchronization with your partner” to pull off new magic-based moves.

Four-player teams get to take on survival raid missions together, billed as offering the biggest challenges yet seen in Ghost of Tsushima.

That said, Sucker Punch mentioned Ghost of Tsushima Legends has an even greater challenge in store that takes place in a completely new area, but it’s expected to launch after the main Legends update.

There’s currently no set Ghost of Tsushima Legends launch date other than a floaty “fall 2020,” but stay tuned to GameSkinny for more GoT Legends news as it rises out of the mists. If you’ve yet to check out Ghost of Tsushima, be sure to see why we said it “offers an amazing open-world experience and satisfying combat.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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