Ghostrunner 2 Trailer Swoops in for Surprise Reveal During PlayStation Showcase

Ghostrunner 2 revealed during PlayStation Showcase 2023.

Image via 505 Games

Ghostrunner Runner 2 is coming. The sequel to the highly-lauded 2020 cyberpunk action game was revealed during the 2023 PlayStation Showcase. The game will be coming to PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X sometime this year, though a firm release date wasn’t shared yet.

The original Ghostrunner was a surprise hit when it launched, garnering wide acclaim from critics and players alike. While many were excited about its cyberpunk aesthetic and high-octane action, it didn’t seem like it would blow up to become a mega-popular action title. But here we are with Ghostrunner 2 being a highlight of Sony’s PlayStation Showcase.

Since we live in a decent-enough timeline, 505 Games and Slipgate Ironworks were able to turn their incredible game into a series. A press release said that the game will feature “new powers, upgradeable abilities, traversal mechanics, an expanded narrative, deeper world building, and devilish new enemies.” The game will also feature vehicular combat, something not found in the original. Outside of that, we don’t know too much.

Though the cinematic reveal trailer for Ghostrunner 2 doesn’t really confirm much, it’s very cool. Overall, the game is going for an almost Wild West look, while keeping the fast-paced ninja action we know and love. Ghostrunner 2 is currently available to wishlist on Steam and the PlayStation Store.

If you’ve yet to play Ghostrunner, you should do yourself a favor and fix that. We loved the game, giving it an 8/10 in our official review. Stay tuned for more as we learn it.

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