Gingerbread Leagues: The Latest LoL Contest

League of Legends's latest contest is a cooking challenge. Craft a masterpiece of gingerbread that harkens back to the Fields of Justice and share your creation with the world!
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Riot Games has been known to do contests in the past.  

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Art Contests: Once upon a time they had a contest for fanart for their Art of Revelry contest.  

Food Contests: They’ve had contests for food, with entries of everything from cakes shaped like Baron Nashor to a full chess set of cupcakes topped with hand-crafted League champions.  

Music Contests: There are also, of course, the Songs of the Summoned contests, which always see a great many genuinely entertaining tunes about the game its characters find their way into creation.

Bring it on: The newest challenge

It is time for the summoners with talents in gastronomy to step up once again.  Riot Games is challenging its players to craft culinary artworks once again, and this time rather than asking for cakes, they are asking for gingerbread.

Gingerbread houses are commonplace enough in the holiday season, but given what people were able to come up with using cakes and rice in the last food contest, it’s bound to be more interesting than simply a stack of Teemo cookies.

I suspect more than a few Teemo cookies will appear, however.


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