Girlfriend Gives Away Entire DotA 2 Inventory After Boyfriend Doesn’t Give Her Enough Attention

An angry girlfriend decided that the best way to get back at her boyfriend for not paying enough attention to her, was to remove the element standing in the way-- his DotA 2 account.

While some relationships are built off proper communication, trust, loyalty, and other beneficial virtues, a particular Reddit thread concluded that others would rather hatch a spiteful scheme of revenge when relations start to go sour. 

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A thread started by Reddit user Zerei explains that one DotA player’s significant other was so distressed by his lack of attention that she decided to give away his entire DotA 2 inventory while he was away at work. 

How Did She Do It?

His girlfriend created an event on popular social media site, Facebook, to legitimize her generous dispensing of her significant other’s belongings. 

According to Zerei, this unfortunate competitor had over 500 items in his inventory (valued at over $100+), while a later picture posted by a participant in the inventory purge showed that his inventory had been depleted to a mere 29 items:

How Did He Take It?

While the Facebook group may have been deleted, the boyfriend in question has not allowed the malicious incident to damper his spirits.

According to the author of the post, his nickname has been changed to “never playing DotA again,” after recently receiving a Staff of the Fungal Lord, one of seven items required to complete the Fungal Lord item set. 

Unfortunately, the Facebook page was in Portuguese before it was removed, which prevented any way for Reddit users to find a resolution or reaction. 

Was It Justified?

As heinous as it may seem, one comment stated that her boyfriend had been cheating on her as well as her original statement about lack of attention.

Do you think that infidelity is reason enough to lash out in such a way? Is there any justification for reacting the way this girl did, or do you believe that two wrongs will never make a right?

Leave your answers in the comments section below!

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