Global PVP Strategy RPG, Fantasy Arena, is Now Live

Step into high-tempo SRPG battles and see if you come out top in the Fantasy Arena.

Step into high-tempo SRPG battles and see if you come out top in the Fantasy Arena.
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Fantasy Arena, a global PVP strategy RPG by Chinese developers Teamtop, has now launched for iOS and Android devices in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Not only do players get to compete in PVP battles with others from around the world, but you can also collect hero cards that bolster your battle line-ups, with a nice bonus of the game being free to play on both platforms.

As you travel through the world of Velni, you must collect hero cards and create 4-man teams to do battle with other “travelers” in the realm. Each hero has a unique set of skills so players can create their own battle strategies and build the strongest team they can. There are well over 50 hero cards to find and collect so lots of scope for team customization. Not only that but there is a costume customization feature which allows you to fully customize the way your characters look, and make them look impressive on the battlefield.

Fantasy Arena also gives players the opportunity to connect with others via the game’s clan system. This system ensures players are encouraged to share their replays, exchange hero cards, and discuss strategies with each other.

The game is available to download now via The App Store and Google Play.

Not sure if you want to give it a go yet? Check out the trailer below and see if that sways your vote!

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