What's going on with multiplayer for God Of War?

God of War Axes Multiplayer

What's going on with multiplayer for God Of War?
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God Of War has dismissed its multiplayer feature, and maybe for the better.

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The multiplayer feature was added to the 2013 version of God Of War: Ascension, but will be nixed in the upcoming God of War 4. Director Cory Barlog said the multiplayer was a good addition to the series, but it lacked the depth to be anything more than a distraction:

“Like most multiplayer modes tacked onto a largely single-player adventure, it’s not something you’re likely to play more than once, and only then out of morbid curiosity.” 

Barlog also mentioned that this isn’t Kratos’ last game, and gave a little more info about the relationship between Kratos and his son. It is said that Kratos is aware of his past while his son remains oblivious — but perhaps that’ll change by the end of the game. We also know that the son won’t be a burden during battle — that is, you won’t have to stop fighting to assist him.

A few more things were revealed and confirmed for the game as well. It will take place after the third game, but it won’t be an open world game. And last but not least, Kratos’ original voice actor T.C. Carson, will be replaced by Christopher Judge, Stargate SG-1 actor.

This game is going through a lot of changes, and only time will tell if God of War 4 can live up to the hype. If you have something to say about the multiplayer situation, you can comment below or head over to the official community page and let Sony know. 

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