GOG’s BIG DEAL Sale is a Big Deal

GOG.com is having an absolutely ridiculous sale this week.

GOG.com is having an absolutely ridiculous sale this week.

Starting on September 18, GOG is offering discounts on more than 200 games in what has been named the BIG DEAL Sale. There are a ton of games on sale ranging from a modest 15% off to more substantial mark downs of 90% off.  

There are a ton of great games that have never been on sale before, as well as games coming in at prices way lower than ever before. Some of the more impressive discounts have managed to price a few games under $2, including Lichdom:Battlemage ($1.99), Her Story ($1.49), and Aarklash Legacy ($1.99). 

In addition to the crazy discounts, GOG has announced a surprise for anyone who visits the site on Tuesday, September 19, leaving this hint as to what the surprise might be.

Everyone who drops by GOG.com this Tuesday will come away with an absolutely, definitely, positively special something! If that sounds a bit oddyou’ll just have to come and see.”  


There’s no telling when another opportunity like this will come along, so make sure to hop on to GOG.com and check out these crazy deals before the sale ends on September 25.

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