Nab Grand Theft Auto 5 Premium Edition from the Epic Games Store — if you can.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Premium Edition is EGS’ Latest Free Game

Nab Grand Theft Auto 5 Premium Edition from the Epic Games Store — if you can.

Following rumors and a mysteriously deleted tweet from Epic Games, we now know that this week’s free Epic Games Store game is Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s free to keep forever — assuming you can actually get it.

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At the time of writing, demand for GTA 5 for free on the Epic Games Store launcher has basically broken Epic Games. The Epic Games launcher is down for many, and those who do get through end up with an Epic Games error 500 code, a 404 error, or a completely frozen screen.

Whenever traffic lets up and Epic gets the situation sorted — which they’re in the process of doing — you’ll be able to get your hands on Grand Theft Auto 5‘s premium edition. GTA 5 premium gets you the full GTA 5 story, GTA Online, all the existing expansions, plus the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. That pack gives you, among other things, $1 million to start with, so this is, ahem, quite a steal.

Never fear if it takes a while for Epic to get things running again either. You’ll have until May 21 to get your free GTA 5 Premium Edition.

The amount of demand for a game that’s been on the market this long seems surprising, but with the Premium Edition’s offerings, plus only crumbs to go on for whatever GTA 6 will be, it’s no wonder people are champing at the bit.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Grand Theft Auto news. And if this is your first time jumping into the game, be sure to check out our massive collection of Grand Theft Auto 5 guides and Grand Theft Auto Online guides.

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