Grand Theft Auto V Will Explode Into Stores in Australia

Australia government approves GTA V unlike Saints Row IV.

Australia government approves GTA V unlike Saints Row IV.

Good news for all of you Australians out there. Grand Theft Auto V just received an 18+ rating from the Australian Classification Review Board.  Unlike Saints Row IV, which earlier this month was refused a classification because of some rather…disturbing content, it looks like GTA V will be available to our Aussie friends.

The board rates the games they receive based on six content areas: Theme, Violence, Language, Drug Use, Nudity, and Sex.  GTA V received the second to highest rating in 5 of the 6 categories with drug use, receiving the highest rating which simply says “high impact.”

This should ease the minds of people in Australia who, over the recent years, have criticized the government over how games are being classified and subsequently banned from sale in stores. If you would like to read the official classification of GTA V, please click here.

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