Gravity Rush 2 coming to PS4!

Gravity Rush 2 will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Here’s some exciting news for Gravity Rush fans: Gravity Rush 2 will be released exclusively for the PS4.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the Gravity Rush series, it was a PlayStation Vita original. The first game followed a young lost girl named Kat who awoke in a mysterious floating town. Kat had the ability to manipulate gravity, which allowed for her to hover and zip around the map effortlessly. These mechanics were complimented with beautiful colorful anime style artwork.

If you don’t have a Vita handy to try out the original, don’t worry. You can pick up the remastered game when it comes to PS4 in February 2016.

In the upcoming Gravity Rush 2, Kat will have a new arsenal of gravity-shifting abilities and combat mechanics. She will be able to use three styles of gravity shifting: Normal, Lunar, and Jupiter. Lunar will reduce gravity and make Kat light and quicker, while Jupiter will increase gravity to make Kat heavier and slower, but gives her extra strength. You’ll be able to shift between these forms seamlessly.

There will also be a tag battle system which will team you up with an AI-controller partner to tackle more difficult tasks. As of right now, the only ally shown is Raven.

You can watch the gameplay reveal trailer below. Stay tuned for more Gravity Rush 2 coverage on GameSkinny.

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