Why would a human even think of doing this?

Greatest Achievment Ever? – Hearthstone Player Takes Longest Turn Ever For Record Attempt (Live Stream Ended)

Why would a human even think of doing this?
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EDIT: The Live Stream Has Ended.

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With a sequence of plays that obviously that should not exist within this game, a live streamer within Twitch under the alias “Mamytwink” has found a way to beat all the odds with the longest turn of Hearthstone ever.

It has been about 1 day and 6 hours, 13 minutes as the time of this writing, and the same turn is still going, estimated to last for a total of 40 hours. Why would a human being remotely do this you might ask? Because he can, obviously, and we’re in for the long ride. I’ve for one personally have been watching his stream on and off, it’s amazing how many viewers he is getting!

Note: Mamytwink is doing this trick with two computers within the same room by himself because, no player in their right mind would let this happen, but.. you never know right?

How and Why It Works:

In Hearthstone, each turn is usually limited to a minute and a half long. If a card’s animation is still running, however, it will remain on that player’s turn until the animation is complete. However, Mamytwink exploited this within all its glory through some trickery! He filled the hand of his main computer with nine copies of a card called Arcane Missiles that deals three damage by firing three slow-moving missiles, and then used 206 copies of a card called Velen’s Chosen which increases spell damage by one, and in turn this increases the amount of Missiles that are fired at a time. Finally, he placed seven copies of a minion called Prophet Velen that doubles all spell damage, doubling the 209 missiles the Arcane Missiles card would fire around seven times, and causing each card to shoot not the original three missiles, but 26,752 missiles, one…at…a…time. Per card. And all this will, in theory, last for over 40 hours.

The only thing he forgot about this record attempt is, Blizzard usually has maintenance on all their games on Tuesdays, woopsies!

Watch live video from Mamytwink on www.twitch.tv

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