“Greatness Awaits;” The PS4 Leak

Greatness is awaiting, and it will be big!

Greatness is awaiting, and it will be big!
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Sony’s marketing focus was leaked recently, “Greatness Awaits.” That motto can not inspire me more than it already has. The source is said to be the same that revealed the “Step Your Game Up” PSP campaign.The PS4 TV advert will reportedly feature football players, giant robots, dragons, smoke, fire, explosions, overturned cars and spaceships from Killzone.

The commercial starts off by showing an empty road in a small town. A lone guy walks down the road towards the camera and says, “Who are you not to be great? You, with the imagination of a brilliant child and the powers of an ancient god.”

Already, I can see this commercial is an eye catcher. It has already sold me. 

The trademark was discovered by Siliconera, the same source that leaked Sony’s alleged PS4 advertising plans.

The PlayStation 4 is expected to be released onto the market at the end of the year and Sony is making all the necessary preparations until then. Unveiled back in February, the PS4 has been compared to a “supercharged PC.” It features an x86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU and 8GB RAM.

All these rumors and stories being told about the Playstation 4, I can see why their marketing focus is “Greatness Awaits.” I think it should be “Greatness is Here” because all I see is greatness. Joking aside, the marketing focus is perfect and I am completely positive they will hit the mark with their audience.

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