Green Hell Sets Up Camp on PS4, Xbox One This Summer

Green Hell, the survival game not to be confused with the movie Green Inferno, is finally coming to consoles.

Green Hell, the survival game not to be confused with the movie Green Inferno, is finally coming to consoles.

Green Hell, developer Creepy Jar’s survival game set in the depths of the Amazonian rainforest, is finally making its way to consoles this summer. The popular title, which has sold more than 1.5 million copies on PC, will release for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 9, according to developers. 

Next-gen upgrades for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are in the works, but there is currently no release window or timeframe for either. 

In many ways, Green Hell is a lot like other survival games, such as Stranded Deep, The Forest, and Rust. Hunting, scavenging, and resource management are front and center; crafting tools and building bases to stay out of the jaws of death run a close second and third. 

The game’s story and pure survival modes can be played solo or with up to three other players (for a total of four) via online co op.

Since releasing into Steam Early Access in 2018, Green Hell has seen myriad improvements to its survival systems and story. There have also been numerous craftables added to the game, as well as achievements.

A prequel update, Spirits of Amazonia Part One, released for PC in January and fleshed out the backstory of the game’s protagonist, giving fans a look into how the nightmare of Green Hell came to be. 

While the console versions will include almost every bit of the Green Hell content released over the years, they won’t launch with that expansion on June 4. However, a PR representative for the game told us that it would release “very shortly after for free.” We’ll update with a firm timeline/date when it becomes available. 

Creepy Jar’s initial roadmaps had the console versions of Green Hell releasing in late 2020. Stay tuned for more on Green Hell in the coming months. We reviewed the Early Access version many moons ago, but perhaps the upcoming console launch is the perfect time to jump back in. 

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