GRID 2 to revved up to get Demolition Derby

GRID 2 community patch, and the return of *drum roll please* Demolition Derby!

GRID 2 community patch, and the return of *drum roll please* Demolition Derby!
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GRID 2 is getting “two game updates coming soon which have both been driven by [user] feedback.”

These two updates are coming in the form of a Community Patch, which is a fancy way of saying a normal patch, and the free Destruction Derby mode, popular with Race Driver: GRID (the original GRID) fans.

Community Patch

The most notable patches are:

  • Upping the Online level cap from 30, to 99. So there you go, get to level 99 now, as we know you all have maxed out your level!
  • Hardcore playlist, this is simply taking out flashbacks, and force mechanical damage. You are also more likely to find yourself racing around circuits, rather than streets.
  • Vetoing has been changed so that 51% of the lobby can cause a veto.
  • So you can mute your mic now. But why would you? screaming “so long sucker”, as you blaze past a pesky opponent on the final corner to win the race, or, “ummm…shut up” as you mess up said corner, and crash, is some of the best times in any racing game.
  • You now get a clean race bonus increase, so more money for not crashing, nice!
Destruction Derby

The description in the notes say (also in source): 

The focus with GRID 2 was all about racing in a new world of competitive motorsport, both on and offline. But it’s fair to say many of our ‘old-school’ GRID players were disappointed about the lack of a Demo Derby mode in GRID 2. Today we’re pleased to tell you that we are currently working on this mode for GRID 2 we’ll be making it available for free, across all platforms.

Destruction Derby from the original GRID

We’ve been quiet on this news because it genuinely wasn’t in the plan. In fact, it’s 100% driven by feedback from the Community. As such, we’ve no date for release yet unfortunately, but we want to get this out to you sooner rather than later so expect more news in the coming weeks.

The notes are here.

There are also a few little extras at the bottom for you to look at, I didn’t tell you everything!

Have you ever wanted the Soundtrack of GRID 2? No? Well it’s free–so why not? Find it here.

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