GTA Online's latest update adds a slew of new story missions for players to shoot their way through.

GTA Online Expands Los Santos Drug Wars Storyline With New Last Dose Update

GTA Online's latest update adds a slew of new story missions for players to shoot their way through.

Rockstar’s ridiculously massive and lucrative Grand Theft Auto Online has just received a brand new update for the Los Santos Drug Wars storyline. Titled The Last Dose, this patch update packs five new story missions, extra rewards for online jobs, and a smattering of new cars and clothing options.

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Following on from the events of The First Dose, this latest storyline will see you reunite with Dax and the Fooliganz as you combat opposing gangs who are looking to snuff you out from the psychedelics trade. Starting at the Freakshop, you’ll meet up with Ron Jakowski and set into motion a plan to eliminate the competition once and for all.

Along the way, the ever-greedy Dr. Isiah Friedlander will attempt to stop you from strengthening the Fooliganz by hiring his own mercenaries to stomp out his rivals. If you still have lingering anger for his mistreatment of Michael De Santa in the main campaign of Grand Theft Auto 5, now is your chance to exact revenge.

As well as the thrilling conclusion to the Drug Wars storyline, The Last Dose includes brand-new vehicles, such as the Ocelot Virtue Supercar and the Willard Eudora. While the Ocelot will be available in perpetuity, the Eudora is a limited-edition vehicle that will disappear on March 29, 2023.

Lastly, some new branded cardigans and wide pants are available in the Tops and Designer Jeans sections of all retail clothing stores in GTA Online. One design includes flames for that ultra-90s look, but you’ll also find new ski masks and canvas shoes to adorn your character with. You’ll be able to purchase these with all of the extra cash you’ll receive from the new story missions, which are being given a boost. You can earn 1.5x the amount of GTA$ for any Fooligan jobs and double the supplies for all Lab Resupply missions.

You can get the complete rundown of this update over on Rockstar’s official website. Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose is available in GTA Online starting today on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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