GTA Online Guide: Weapon Level Unlocks

Weapon unlock levels in GTA Online.

Editor’s note Jan. 8, 2019: The written list below has been updated to reflect all of GTA Online’s levels and weapon unlocks. 

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Since weapons in GTA Online are unlocked by level, you won’t have access to all of them at the start of the game.

If you pick up a weapon during the course of a mission, you keep it afterward. So, one of the best ways to acquire weapons is simply grinding deathmatch sessions and picking them up off the ground.

For the curious, the video shows which weapons are available at what rank. You can find the written list below. We’ve included armor, as well as miscellaneous items. 

Note: The required unlock level is in parentheses. 


  • Pistol (1
  • Combat Pistol (9)
  • AP Pistol (33)

Sub Machine Guns

  • Micro SMG (5)
  • SMG (11)
  • Assault SMG (29)


  • Pump Shotgun (17)
  • Assault Shotgun (37)

Assault Rifles

  • Assault Rifle (24)
  • Carbine Rifle (42)
  • Advanced Rifle (70)

Light Machine Guns

  • MG (50)
  • Combat MG (80)
  • Combat MG extended clip (81)

Sniper Rifles

  • Sniper Rifle (21)
  • Heavy Sniper (90)

Heavy Weapons

  • RPG (100)
  • Grenade Launcher (60)
  • Minigun (120)

Thrown Weapons

  • Tear Gas (13)
  • Grenade (15)

Melee Weapons

  • Knife (1)
  • Nightstick (3)

Body Armor

  • Super Light Armor (5)
  • Light Armor (10)
  • Standard Armor (15)
  • Heavy Armor (20)
  • Super Heavy Armor (50)

Miscellaneous Items

  • Parachute (11)
  • Jerry Can (20)
  • Sticky Bomb (19)

What items did we miss? What items should we include in this list that we didn’t? Let us know in the comments below. 

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