GTA Rewards Over Labor Day Weekend

As if you needed another reason to play GTA Online

As if you needed another reason to play GTA Online

Rockstar decided that this three-day weekend, gamers needed an incentive to stay inside. Get extra reputation, money, and deals on vehicles all weekend. While Friday saw gamers get 25% off aircraft, as well as 2X RP and GTA$ bonus for parachute jobs and air races, the weekend still has deals ahead.


For those who love speed and style, Saturday is a good day. Legendary Motorsports vehicles will be 25% off, giving you no excuse to not shell out for that bike or classic car. If you really can’t afford it, go win some land races, which will give you 2X RP as well as GTA$ bonus.


Sunday is the perfect day to be out on the water. Boats at Docktease (seriously, still the best name) are 25% off. Sea Races will now get you the 2X RP and GTA$ bonus. Get out on the water and cause some havoc.


Labor Day itself offers sales from Warstock Cache and Carry. If you’re only going to get in on one day of sales, make it this one. Get your hands on the Liberator if you haven’t already, the most American of vehicles.

Appropriately, deathmatches give you money and reputation bonuses. Celebrate not working with some fiery explosions.

The long weekend’s been a long time coming. Treat yourself with some GTA Online savings.

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